Maintenance & Care

Leather & suede
We use high quality sheep, goat and cow leather. The leather has a natural surface in which variations in structure and color may occure. Due to the natural material the suede will over time get its own natural patina due to use and daylight, which we only think gives the products even more character and personality.  
Do not place suede products in direct sunlight or close to heat sources. All our products have been treated with water repellant treatment but do not let our products get in contact with water. 
Clean our suede products by vacuuming with a soft brush.

All our textile qualities have carefully been selected to give our products the right look and feel and at the same time maintain a high level of quality for the best ware and tare capabilities to last for a long time. 
Clean our textile products by vacuuming with a soft brush.
Use a damp cotton cloth or spunge